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Production Institute Publishing produces vocational curricula intended for use in high schools, community colleges and technical institutes. Our programs focus on live sound technologies and their operation, A/V systems training and design, and production arts jobs for theater and stage.

Production Institute courses utilize the open source Learning Management System (LMS) known as Moodle. This free software is easy to install on your local server or can be hosted on a remote service which is very affordable. The programs come completely built and do not require extensive involvement or maintenance by IT staff. The Moodle is a top-down, self revealing course structure that extends the learning environment well beyond the classroom. Students need only have the availibility of an Internet connection to gain access to the entire curriculum.

At the heart of each course is the Instructor's Manual and PowerPoint presentation. The book and presentation contain all the topics, tests and answers as well as extensive notes regarding each topic. When used in "Presenter's Mode", the PowerPoint presentation notes allow instructors with minimum experience in these fields to deliver courses with outstanding learning outcomes. The presenter's notes are authored by industry professionals and contain links to relevant websites with additional information. The presenter's notes are written to be easily understandable by non professionals. Extensive care has been taken to provide the instructors with additional background information and sources in order to be enable them to answer the students most pressing questions.

Also included are PDF files that mirror the instructor's PowerPoint. These can be printed in there entirety once and reused for each new class or they can be printed in individual sections for each topic.

One of the most important modules of the Moodle LMS is the Forum system. We call it the digital blackboard because it provides a place for students to ask questions and discuss topics outside of normal class hours. At the Production Institute we use this function in two ways. The first being the built in forum which is moderated by the instructor. Our best estimate is that it requires about ten minutes per student per week to moderate the forums. The second way we support this function is by running our own Forums that are moderated by industry professionals at no cost to the end user. Instructors never need to worry that a students curiosity or question will exceed their knowledge because we support the instructors in these efforts.



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