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Production Institute Curricula

Production Institute offers two primary courses for sale.

1. Core24:Production Arts Introduction (Installation)

This 24 week course starts with an overview of the industry and the many jobs available to qualified candidates. It is intended for students with little or no background experience in stage and theater production. The course includes topics ranging from the science of sound and light to audio visual systems design and installation. There is a heavy emphasis placed on learning to setup and operate sound and lighting equipment as well as extensive overviews of stagecraft and safety. Students completing this course will be well prepared for entry level jobs in houses of worship, convention centers, learning institutions and small theaters and clubs.

ALS:201: Advanced Live Audio Engineering(Online)

This 8 week course is intended for students who have some experience in the live sound industry but little or no formal training. Most students of this type will have had some on the job training. Unfortunately it's very difficult to consisely illustrate these deep concepts and perform the job at the same time. This creates a large gap in the novice engineers understanding of principles that are crucial to successful, good sounding events. Live9 bridges that gap of understanding by explaning the conventional wisdom of professional sound engineers in a step by step explanation of the fundamentals of signal path, gain structure and advanced mixing techniques.

In both of these courses, YouTube videos are employed throughout the classwork to help students better understand the material and witness professionals in the act of acheiving their goals.

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