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Production Institute Online Training offers online classes for students seeking knowledge of Audio Engineering. These are great classes for AV Technicians, general Utility Stage Hands, and includes basics techniques of operation and areas of focus, and the conventional wisdom of professionals in the Events Services Industry.

Production Inotenstitute online courses utilize the open source Course Management System (CMS) known as Moodle. This open source software is used by thousands of learning institutions around the world. The Moodle is a top-down, self revealing course structure that extends the learning environment well beyond the classroom. Students need only have the availibility of an Internet connection to gain access to the entire curriculum.

The courses consist of reading assignments, Internet reading links, a feature PDF presentation for each topic and videos to support the presentation. The Production Institute awards students a certificate upon completion of the course.

The course I will be offering in the near future, check out the topics;

Advanced Live Sound 201 (ALS:201)

ALS201 will be available for enrollment starting in Fall 2021.


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