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Moodle Installation Methods

The simplest method of installing the Moodle is to use your institution's internal servers. This makes unauthorized public access impossible. The Moodle is a self installing PHP script that creates the file structure automatically. A MySQL server is required as well as PHP. These are standard software packages contained on almost every server in use today. The second method for hosting a Moodle is to use one of the many companies that are specifically in the business of hosting this software for learning institutions. Their fees for this service are modest and more importantly, they remove the burden of maintenance and troubleshooting from your IT staff.

Once the automatic script has created the Moodle framework, the individual courses are populated from the disks we supply. These disks have the courses, the files needed by the courses, the quizzes and answers and all the other media needed to deliver the course. Populating the course is as simple as selecting the correct file from the disk and clicking install. The Moodle does the rest!

Moodle documentation can be found here.

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