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I'm also currently offering one on one training programs for all types of venues of operation in audio and lighting fundamentals. If you operate a place of worship or convention center, you will undoubtedly be using technicians to operate audio and lighting systems for programs and events. Audio is almost pure science and the setup and operation of modern digital A/V systems requires serious training. Some audio environments can be very difficult to achieve good results in. And volunteer techs or minimum wage and untrained staff members are unlikely to have the skill set to overcome these difficulties. Training is the only answer.

Usually these classes are broken down into multiple "sessions", with some in a hands on working environments and some brief classroom work as well. I will also conduct hands on training with your techs on the systems you employ in your venue. My involvement in the local scene allows me to take young engineers into working audio environments 7 days a week so I can customize a schedule to fit the needs of the student.

Students will learn the fundamentals of systems setup, feedback suppression methods, low volume mixing techniques and basic maintenance and troubleshooting. I emphasize the importance of customer service as well as teach students my personal methods of promoting a culture of trust and respect. Students will receive various printed materials and links to online "How-To" descriptions and video solutions that they can reference when they most need it. These detailed descriptions of how to deal with difficult situations will improve their problem solving and help promote a mission of constant education and excellent customer service.




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